Digital Transformation: The Business of Intelligent Workflow Automation

Every thriving business is actively looking for ways to effectively automate business processes to replace manual efforts for recurring tasks. Automating your business processes is a significant way to improve business and free up human capital for more important functions. Intelligent workflow automation can also save money, reduce errors in data, improve employee efficiency, all while obtaining your data faster - putting your business ahead of the competition. 

Simple automation is all around us. From our inbox that automatically sorts emails from a predetermined source, to one keystroke in a hospitality system disabling all keycards to a specific room at one time.  

It's the automation of more complex business processes that require artificial intelligence. But automation alone does not mean that AI is in use. Many vendors use the phrase “artificial intelligence” for software that is simply a few pieces of layered coding, backed by an army of offshore humans who enter data. While this is still relatively inexpensive and can work for some, these programs simply do not scale. So when large volumes of highly repetitive, but unstructured data needs to be identified, extracted, processed and stored, only true AI can provide a comprehensive and sustainable solution. 

Why Work With TackleAI?

TackleAI is an artificial intelligence platform that can capture, comprehend, and identify any type of documents, and the business-critical information contained within those documents, automatically. This cutting-edge technology replicates the human brain as it encounters previously unknown documents and identifies key pieces of information through deep inference. 

Consider in business how many times you’ve seen an invoice. Now consider how many times that invoice has been exactly the same as the last. While your human brain can easily identify what is meant by the word “total” it is actually performing complicated reasoning to know if the total is for the one item, a total of the subsection of a line item grouping, a total before tax, a total of the balance due, or the total for this actual invoice of 1,200 line-item parts.

To automate the processing of an invoice, some vendors will “teach” a software program how to “read” invoices by pre-zoning areas for where particular information can be found. But what happens when an invoice comes into the system with a different configuration? Even a slight change can cause the system to still process the invoice, but with the wrong data. This level of error is not acceptable for either healthcare decisions or business computation alike. 

Truly solving the need for automation requires looking at each project through multiple lenses. While cost savings might be a primary motivation, error reduction or elimination as well as speed of processing can be equally important. 

The fact remains that automating your business processes is a guaranteed money saver. Handling large amounts of data is daunting, draining, and expensive, and when humans handle a larger volume of documents, the probability of additional errors increases. Currently, errors in healthcare data cost the industry over $20 billion per year. One aspect of the cost is financial, but in this field, it can also be life-threatening. 


The goal of true AI is error-free processing. Currently, TackleAI’s software runs at an accuracy rate of 99.99%+. This level of elimination of error is far superior to any human processing system. In fact, one of our clients saved over $30 million in one year.


Handling large amounts of data can be very difficult and requires a lot of manpower. To fill this need, companies are hiring large amounts of people and typically sending the data across the globe for manual processing where labor is cheapest and English isn't the first language. While this contributes to the error rate, the privacy issues around data security are serious. It is obvious that sensitive medical information is bound to be in compliance with governing rules such as HIPAA, but financial documents are also shared across the globe through channels with a varying degree of security in place. Global hacking efforts constantly compromise data, including credit card numbers, social security numbers and banking information which are all disclosed on massive amounts of paperwork scans being sent around the globe for manual processing. 

Intelligent Workflow Automation

It’s important to automate your business process to avoid the hassle and stay ahead of your competitors. But the cost of error-prone data processing or the risk of security breaches should give any company pause when evaluating RPA systems, data processing software or any system that purports to use AI without actual proof of this technology being employed. 

The dream of automating business processes to improve employee efficiency is within reach. The TackleAI artificial intelligence platform can be customized to any business environment, allowing employees to focus on more complex and revenue-generating tasks. Freeing up critical bandwidth from the best and brightest on any team is a winning strategy. While TackleAI is processing over 10,000 documents in a matter of seconds, the increased speed of your workflow sends a ripple effect of efficiency throughout your organization, allowing your team to focus on business-critical tasks and leaving the repetitive processes to AI. 

More accurate, safe and efficient results are essential for operational growth.

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