How FinTech is Missing the Mark with AI

For almost a decade, financial technology (FinTech) has captured the imagination of the financial sector and garnered lasting interest from investors, regulators and consumers alike. And why wouldn’t it? Using traditional methods to deliver financial services is all but outdated. Everything and anything revolving around technology is inarguably the future.

So why isn’t AI automated document processing integrated into every aspect of FinTech? The simple answer is that true intelligent process automation is relatively new. There are also only a handful of companies successfully offering this hyper-intelligent technology.

But let’s not single out FinTech as the only industry with this big data problem. There are more companies than not — and in every industry on the planet — buried in their data and documents. Industries across the globe are in desperate need of an AI data automation process that most are not aware exists. 

In fact, paper and digital documents account for 80% of the world’s vital unstructured information being lost every day and costing companies in the U.S. billions annually. Most companies can’t keep up with, or afford this unstructured information overload.


What exactly is an AI automated document processing platform?

AI data automation is a hyper-intelligent process that allows data from dynamically structured, unstructured, semi-structured and highly variable formats—even images—to be analyzed, extracted and processed without the need for human intervention or to change current company workflows.

With true AI processing, businesses gain a richer, more meaningful understanding of their information while greatly reducing labor and document management expenses.

TackleAI is one of the few companies offering true Intelligent Automation Software with hyper-intelligent AI solutions trained to think critically and keep learning like a human, only much faster and without human error.

TackleAI takes the latest technology in AI automated processing one step further by detecting all forms of dynamic data. Its proprietary mathematical layers of algorithms are coupled with machine learning to create an advanced network for its AI. This super-smart AI has been trained to detect if a document has been signed or has any other unique markings and can even understand handwritten notes.

TackleAI can process massive amounts of data even if the AI has never seen the document before. As many as 10,000 documents can be processed within seconds.

To bring this AI process back to FinTech, TackleAI is leveraged on large-volume financial-based documents. FinTech companies can save costs, minimize risks, and make informed decisions faster to create a competitive edge over most of the FinTech companies that haven’t found their way to true AI process automation.


Sound too good to be true? Seeing is believing! 
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