How Hospital Systems Using AI Processing Are Driving Down Healthcare Costs

Large hospital systems produce hundreds of thousands of dynamically unstructured and semi-structured healthcare documents daily – lab results, patient health charts, billing, and medical payment data…the list goes on. First, these documents must all be classified. Then, depending on the document type, certain data must be extracted and populated into the hospital’s electronic health record system (EHR).

The Woes of Manual Document Processing

Manual processing, even when combined with Robotic Processing Automation (RPA), still requires a fair amount of human intervention that is incredibly expensive and time-consuming.

Manual document processing of patient healthcare data requires untold keystrokes of human power per hour. Each document must be read, manually classified, and written up before the data points can be entered into an Excel spreadsheet.

The other issue with manual extraction is that it is error-prone (humans’ average error rate is 10-30%). Additionally, the sharing of sensitive healthcare information creates unnecessary security risks and/or potential HIPAA violations.

So why are so many hospital systems and healthcare data aggregators still manually processing data for their EHR systems?

Familiarity and the assumed resources necessary to update old workflows have become the greatest deterrent. Switching to a truly intelligent automated document-processing platform may seem like an impossibility or only something to consider in the future.

The other issue many hospital systems and healthcare data aggregators face is that updates they may have implemented only a few years ago are already outdated. Even though their document processing may seem “new,” they aren’t reaping the full benefits of true intelligent process automation.

The Solution – Affordable and Accurate AI Document Processing in Seconds

There is an automated document-processing platform that hospital systems and healthcare aggregators have been able to quickly and affordably leverage – TackleAI: the hyper-intelligent and proprietary end-to-end, system-agnostic, AI automation solution.

Driving down healthcare costs is just one of the many benefits of TackleAI. Even the most complex document challenges are processed with exponential time and cost savings. Tens of thousands of existing structured, unstructured, and semi-structured documents of any format – as many as 10,000 – can be processed in seconds.

Documents such as prescriptions, MRIs, and invoices of any document type are all dynamically processed through the TackleAI engine, which quickly extracts targeted and relevant data points. Patient name, physician name, date of service, medical record number, social security number, addresses, medications, and readings – all identified, sorted, and processed into the EHR.

Sound too good to be true? Seeing is believing! 

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