Why Companies Can’t Afford to Not Have AI Process Their Invoices

Most businesses are well aware of the time and money drain that invoice processing has on their organization. Even though there are differences across industries, the one thing they all have in common is the receipt of invoices from vendors that must be processed and paid. Some industries still pay as much as $30 to process each invoice.  

In fact, paper and digital documents account for 80% of the world’s vital unstructured information lost every day that costs companies, in the US alone, billions annually. 

So why are so many organizations still using antiquated robotic processing automation (RPA) or even humans to process invoices? 

1) Rapidly changing technology makes it difficult for companies to be knowledgeable about the best artificial intelligence-structured data solutions that are available.  

2) Change is hard! Organizations worry it will be difficult to set aside time to incorporate new AI software or training to implement new machine-learning solutions. 

3) There’s often an assumption that AI document management will be cost-prohibitive. Especially when it comes to thousands of old documents that would have to be processed into the new system.    

Here’s the great news when it comes to AI invoice processing… 

Using AI to process invoices is fast and keeps manual data entry costs, resources, and errors to a minimum. Invoice processing using AI capture allows companies to achieve better data transparency and control. 

Not just any AI invoice processing…TackleAI

TackleAI has created a real-world AI application solution with guaranteed 99% accuracy and lightning-fast processing speed – as many as 10,000 documents in seconds. It is a true end-to-end, system-agnostic business logic automation solution. 

tai-blog-icons_updatesAI document management tailored for each organization. 

tai-blog-icons_read-understand-manipulateOur AI can read, understand, and manipulate with maximum efficiency, even previously unknown forms – allowing invoices of ANY existing structured or unstructured formats to be quickly and accurately processed.   


Proprietary mathematical layers of algorithms, coupled with machine learning, allow invoices sent via email to be perceived, extracted,
and processed with little-to-no human intervention, and without needing to be opened. 

tai-blog-icons_updatesAccounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Inventory Updates can be made without even the click of a button.  


Our end-to-end invoice automation solutions are secure and in compliance with the privacy standards that organizations are obligated to have in place.

tai-blog-icons_comprehend-and-captureInvoice processing requires no zoning or prior training to comprehend and capture data from unstructured documents.

tai-blog-icons_processed-in-secondsTens of thousands of documents are processed in seconds and without clerical errors.

tai-blog-icons_cost-savingsCost savings include increased profitability due to workforce reduction/reallocation and increased team bandwidth for human-critical work.


Sound too good to be true? Seeing is believing! 

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